Dec 23, 2012

Used vinyls

Im letting go few items to fund for few new releases.This are my personal copies.Some are actually came from distro stocks.Some are only played once or only few times.Condition wise are very good.

COMADRE A Wolf Ticket  10'' Condition : Near Mint Rm 40

THRASH OF THE TITANS 2 (KNOW RECORDS)        Condition : Near Mint   Rm 50 
The bands: RIISTETYT "I Got Erection", CONTRASTO "Statico Senso", "Grande Uomo", ARMISTICE "Millions and Millions", "Requim", EL NUDO "Hell Metal Goes On", "Slap Down", "Thrash and Rock On", 9 SHOCKS TERROR "Bullshit Tantrum", NAILED DOWN "Capital N. Capital D.", F.P.O. "Kill Me", "Each Day Is The Same", "I'm Sorry For You" VITAMIN X "You're So Fucking Blind", "Herida Profunda (live)", "The Unknown Soldier" (live), DERIDE "Be Alive With Doubt", "Japanese Title", LETS GROW "Same Shit, Different Name", VOETSEK "Che Sells", "Blindfold", "Gay Shame", "Forked Tongue", RUIDO "Bible Stories", SWARRRM "Leave Me Alone"

THIS COMP KILLS FASCISTS Volume 1 Double LP (Deep Six/Relapse) 
Condition : Mint/Unplayed   Rm 70
Absolutely amazing double vinyl compilation compiled by Scott Hull of Pig Destroyer. Features the first four new songs from the reunited Brutal Truth,the last four songs from the legendary Insect Warfare as well as songs by Agents Of Satan, Weekend Nachos, Kill The Client, Spoonful Of Vicodin, Maruta, Shitstorm, Man Will Destroy Himself, Total Fucking Destruction, Chainsaw To The Face, Magrudergrind, A.S.R.A. and Wasteoid.

D.D.I/Stalker (Thought first recs) Gatefold         Condition : Very good    Rm 35
intense corrosive italian Hardcore/Violence a la Crudos (now members of GIUDA) meets raging fast German PowerViolence with ex Pink Flamingos/sm-70 members

MAKAI "Embracing the shroud of a blackened sky"       Condition : Near Mint   Rm 45
A 1 song LP of epic metal, blackened crust, and doom infused ‘core. A package of equally epic proportions that includes a full color cover, a full color 24×36 poster, and 12 page booklet!“The band blends thrash and extreme metal, Swedish-influenced melodic death, and a good bit of chaotic hardcore. The pace is relentless, and the songwriting solid.”

I SHOT CYRUS "Tiranus" (625 records)       Condition : Near Mint      Rm 45
Debut full-length from Sao Paulo, Brazil's spread-your-face-across-the-floor hardcore behemoths I SHOT CYRUS. Fifteen absolutely devastating tracks of pissed-as-shit hardcore, driven by a guitarist so out-of-control he's been known to rip the seat of his pants while performing. Features the drummer of RATOS DE PORAO for maximum beat punishment.

Tear It Up/ETA split lp (Deadalive)      Condition : Very good ++   Rm 40

Morne "Untold Wait" (feral Ward)        Condition : Near Mint  Rm 50
Morne, from Boston, MA, feature members of Filth Of Mankind, Grief and Disrupt as well as others. They have a distinctive style which is based on elements of early UK crust such as Amebix and Axegrinder and newer heavy bands like Neurosis and Asunder to create a immense wall of sound that is absolutely crushing. 

V/A  XXX "Some Ideas are poisonous" double lp(ebullition)       Condition : Near Mint  Rm 60
Featuring: Monster X, Portraits of Past, Policy of 3, Groundwork, Pogrom, Threadbare, Shatter The Myth, Endeavor, None Left Standing, Trees Without Leaves, Prozac Memory, Via, Well Away, and Frail.
Spitboy "True Self revealed" (ebullition)  Condition : Very good++  Rm 40
Spitboy was an amazing band from the San Francisco, CA area that consisted of four women. They played powerful political hardcore that was of course influenced by the fact that they were all women living in a male dominated world.

Born & Razed "Holy Wars" (ebullition) Condition : Very good++ Rm 35
This Goleta band features Kevin Doss from Downcast on vocals. Fast, energetic angry punk rock that's kinda Black Flag-ish with a political/social slant. At times fast & punk, sometimes drawn-out & driving.
Submission Hold "Waiting for another monkey to throw the first brick"(ebullition) Cond : Near Mint  Rm 40
Submission Hold's blend of political content, abrasive hardcore, memorable song writing, and awesome vocal power fits perfectly with Ebullition. These nine songs are complex and diverse, yet very catchy and powerful. The thick booklet features art, writings, and lyrics in English, German, Spanish and French. One of the better releases that Ebullition has ever released, and one of the best bands currently playing shows in North America. Inspiringly honest hardcore from Canada's west coast.

Submission Hold "Sackcloth and Ashes" (ebullition)        Condition : Near Mint     Rm 40
If you were impressed with Waiting For Another Monkey To Throw The First Brick then this new record will blow you away. The recording is top notch, and it really manages to capture the power, honesty, and sheer heart of Submission Hold. These eight songs continue the Submission Hold progression with even more complex, diverse, and yet very catchy songs; some fantastic material. The booklet once again features art, writings, and lyrics in English, German, Spanish and French.

V/A Death to Hardcore Death to Reagan Compilation        Condition : Very Good++    Rm 50
Artist: The Ultimate Warriors, Total Fury, Melee, The Stakeout, Full Speed Ahead, Nine Curve, M.D.C., Crucial Unit, One Line, Carpenter Ant, Idol Punch, What Happens Next, Blood Lots Of Blood, Mad Cow Dizeaze, The Futures, Affirmative Action Jackson, The Gatecrashers, Society Destroyerz, B-Pass, Out Of Line, Scooters An Idiot

Nu-kle-ar blast suntan "Blot Out the worthless sun" (SPHC)       Condition : Near Mint Rm 40
A difficult record to describe, which is why I like it so much. Alternating between short/fast/loud ragers and mid-tempo punk stompers, this has its roots in Disrupt/Destroy-styled crustcore (complete with absolutely scathing female vocals)

Opus Dead "Control" (various labels)      Cond: Very Good++   Rm 25
Crossover thrash from Spain

Kent Brockman/Edora split lp            Cond : Very good++    Rm 40
Manic crustcore/power violence from Germany and raw thrashcore from Singapore.

V/A Toronto City Omnibus (Schizophrenic)        Cond : Very good++   Rm 50
This LP represents it all, a pure cross section of the Toronto Punk Scene 2002/2003. Bands include Haymaker, Riot 99, Fucked Up, Career Suicide, Class Assassins, Blue Demons, Scare Tactic, Legion 666 and Murder Squad.

Fucked Up "The year of the Rat"(Whats your rupture)      Cond : Very good++    Rm 50

Animal Bondage/Fierce (Suspiria)       Cond : Very Good    Rm 25
Animal bondage are rough and raw hc punk crust and fierce are even rougher and rawer with bits of grind mixed in. both great bands, the singer of animal bondage went on to day by day then lost world 

Dec 6, 2012


Some minor updates,We're organizing a show in Melaka for Aussie Noise Punks.VAGINORS!!! 
with 2 supporting bands DISCAWAT from Seremban and Alchemy Of Sickness from Kulai.