Aug 16, 2018

POR076 : UNSUB - Promo 2018 CS

UNSUB - Promo 2018
After a 4 tracks demo last year, Singapore's UNSUB are here again with 3 brand new ripper.
Stompy and punchy modern hardcore punk with straightforward and some mid-tempo part.
FFO: The Abused etc
Split release with Chain Recs 

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POR075 : MURO - Ataque Hardcore Punk CS .


POR075 : MURO - Ataque Hardcore Punk CS .

First EP from Bogota's MURO.A milestone in modern hardcore punk, taking influence from timeless inspirations and redefining the sound of hardcore with structures and unique melodies, rawness and a lot of aggressiveness.
Originally released on cassette by Fuerza Ingobernable and on LP by Byllepest Distro in 2017.

Split release with Chain Records

Professionally manufactured cassette housed in 400gsm craft card Arigato Pack Box style packaging with silver embossed.Enclosed with A4 sized inlay/lyrics.

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Aug 8, 2018

POR074: C.L.A.W. - Demo 2018

Straight up blast of hardcore fury coming out from Singapore, Southeast Asia. C.L.AW exist to smash patriarchy right to the top, with their frantic drumming, riffy hardcore and aggressive vocals. For fans of modern hardcore like GLOSS and your classics like Los Crudos.

Split release with BLACKHOLE 212 .
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Aug 4, 2018

POR072: 偏執症者 PARANOID ‎– Cover Of The Month 2015 CS

Paranoid delivers noise-drenched tunes that are primitive and ferocious with buzzsaw riffs, blown-out bass, pummeling drums and vicious vocal howls.This Swedish d-beat punks embarked upon a 12-month project, with one new cover track appearing on the band’s Youtube channel each month.

This is official reissue in pro-cassette format.Originally released by PND (PND04) on Cassette, 2015.
Vinyl version available from Svart Records (SRE120), 2017.

Check the playlist here complete with stories/inspiration behind every cover.

Cassette come with 4 panel pro-printed j-card on 230 ivory card ,

POR071 : VEXED - Demo 2018

Debut demo from this hardcore/punk band from Padang,West Sumatera.Indonesia.Heavily influenced by early American Hardcore and UK82 bands.Straight forward mid-tempo hardcore/punk with vocals ala Action Pact.
8 songs including one cover song from Bad Brains.
Split release with Chain Recs
@chainrecs (Sabah,Borneo)
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Aug 1, 2018


Debut EP from this pure Swedish Mangel in vein of Totalitar. Profoss is a new project featuring members of Fy Fan, Infernöh, The Dahmers, Terrible Feelings, Lawgiver, Nightmen.Profoss also squeezes in a couple mid-paced stompers among the ragers that will have you dragging your knuckles.

6 tracks clocking in less than 11 minutes. 

Cassette include one extra track(that featured in DIS IS MALMO Compilation)

Vinyl on Adult Crash

Recorded @ Blakk Lodge