Jul 16, 2018

POR067 : PRIMER REGIMEN - Ultimo Testamento CS

UK82/Oi Punk from Bogota,Columbia.Members of Dead Hero, Final, Traición. Primer Régimen is back with this brand new 8 song ripper including one cover song from Dead Wretched.

US Cassette version available from Discos MMM
LP will be available from Byllepest Distro

Split release with Chain Recs

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POR066 : Nosferatu - Utopia CS

Raging hardcore punk band from Austin, Texas la YDI, Koro, Void. Psycho drumming, adequate venom in the vocals. This cassette was recorded a few days before the NOSFERATU August 2017 US West Coast Tour.

Artwork done by Albert

Split release with Chain Recs

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Jun 20, 2018

POR065: WITCHTRIAL Demo 2017

POR065 : WITCHTRIAL Demo 2017

Debut demo from this Metal/Punk band from DC.Mixing raw hardcore punk and black metal / thrash metal influences with heavy, dbeat-esque drumming and punchy-riffing style in vein of VENOM,Celtic Frost etc.


Members of Protester,Ajax,Warthog,Firewalker and more.


LP on Beach Impediment Records.


Instruments recorded by Tim Mullaney. 
Vocals recorded by Chris Bowman. 
Mixed by Will Killingsworth. 
Art by Alexander Heir.
All music by WITCHTRIAL.
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Apr 17, 2018

POR062 : Youth Avoiders - Relentless CS

Second full length album from this melodic, straight-forward and super catchy hardcore/punk band from Paris.

(Description from Desctructure)
"Relentless" is the long awaited YOUTH AVOIDERS second album. The five years between this new full lenght and their debut have been really intense for the band, made of constant live appearances everywhere around the globe. Intensity is the trademark of YOUTH AVOIDERS, "Relentless" is the fruit of a five days session in the Normandy countryside studio Swan Sound. To keep it simple, "Relentless" is YOUTH AVOIDERS making what they have done so good so far but even better : catchy riffing, rich melodies, inexhaustible drumming, sharp vocals... The band has also raised the tempo, these 11 songs go at an unrestrained pace. "Relentless" well bears its name !

Professionally manufactured cassette with pro-printed 4 panel J-card printed on 230 gsm Ivory card.
Cassette come with thick 360 gsm Arigato Outerbox.

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LP available from Destructure & Build Me a Bomb.

Youth Avoiders will be touring South East Asia in July 2018!

POR063 : SLANT- Demo 2018 CS

Debut 6 tracks demo from this agressive and in-your-face hardcore/punk band from Seoul,Korea.
Vicious hardcore punk with raging female vocals clocking at less than 10 minutes.

Artwork by Yeji.
Recorded and Mixed by Garrett Belair

Cassette come with outerslip.

This is split release with Bullwhip Recs

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Agressive and spastic Hardcore/Punk from Toronto.Straight-up no-frills hardcore with reverb'ed out vocals.

This 35 minutes discography cassette tape compiled everything that they have released so far.
( Demo 2012, Collective Unconciousness , Generation Shit , Feeding Time , V/A Hardcore: Gimme Some More & i )

Cassette come with gold embossed logo on outer slipcase and 3-panel and half j-card.

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Apr 12, 2018

POR059 : NIGHT PROWLER - Crucible Of Power Pro-Cs

After a few years of silent hibernation, the Night Prowler slinks out from it’s cave to visit it’s trademark brand of menace upon the unsuspecting public one last time. Crucible Of Power is the fourth and final chapter in the Night Prowler narrative, drawing to a close a near decade long obsession with meat and potatoes hardcore music, crime, social control, clandestine government operations, megalomaniacal lunatics, the behind the scenes machinations of 1960’s American history, and the dog-eat-dog realities of a violent society.
Recorded and mixed at A Harder Commune - Minneapolis, MN
Engineered and mixed by Matt Castore 
Mastered at Audiosiege Mastering - Portland.
Cover illustration by Frank Cieciorka 
Released on cassette in North America by KRAM Records
Co-released with Bullwhip & Hardcore Detonation.

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