Jun 16, 2019

POR085 : Execution - South East Asian Tour CS

.Furious Italian Hardcore from Melbourne. Execution has pummeled the spirit of Declino, Chain Reaction and Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers.
Members of Priors, Soma Coma, Sistema En Decandencia, Shiv. 
This is South East Asian Tour tape that consist both of their past releases. Flags of Convenience 7" & Barbaric Torture and Brutal Mutilations" CS that previously released by Hardcore Victim.

Photos by C.I.T.O.C

POR081 : MOCK EXECUTION - Reality Attack EP CS

Debut ep including from this new Chicago raw-punk band.Reality Attack delivers 6 tracks of ferocious hardcore that’ll bring classic Finnish bands to mind along with some other smearing of eclectic, euro-hardcore trash that peppers most punks record collections. No fakes on this platter just punks playing what they love.

Cover Art by Izzad Radzali Shah. Recorded by Thaib Wahab.
Mixed by Mock Execution .Mastered by Will Killingsworth.

Member of Mock Execution also have played with Snaggletooth,Vaaralinen etc.
Originally released on 7" by Lengua Armada
Split release with DeadBirr Recs. .