Oct 26, 2011

Distro List Update Cassette


Manic Ear Desolation ( Kerena neko/ Knb / Sakatat / Gorgonized dork )

Sista Sekunden 2006

M:40 : historiens svarta vinslag tapes

hellshock : only the dead know the end of war tapes

hell sakura : sakura fubuki tapes

Peace Of Annihilation Tapes.( Indonesian dbeat )

The Path To True Indiependence ( Beyond Description / Totsugeki Senya / Asbestos / Destruction ) - 4 way split cd of japanese crust

Phoenix Bodies – Rise the bullshit flag

Reason to resist – Existence of a bastards

Aborti 13 –discography tapes

Comadre –Discography tapes

Distro List Update Vinyl



DSB/The Assasinators Rm 15 ppd
2 new amazing songs by copenhagens THE ASSASSINATORS. a bit more iron maiden meets bad religion as their older releases. now they team up on this split EP with one of my favourite japanese bands. D.S.B. are play radical japanese hardcore punk!. D.S.B. channel their anger and disappointment into this very aggressive release. There is a more harmonized vocal approach on this release, which is a departure from their shouted deliveries on past releases. Not to worry you die hards, these harmonies will stick to your ribs!

End Of All "Places" Rm 15 ppd
"Hailing from Sweden, the hotbed of metallic D-beat crust tinged with melody, End Of All throw down the gauntlet on three tracks played in the same vein as Wolfbrigade and early Victims. only better. full color covers and colored vinyl."

Dehumanized Earth/Global Holocaust Rm 11 ppd
Canadian grinders Dehumanized Earth offer new trax of politically charged grind. GH: crust/punk band from Canada

M40/Grace Will Fall  Rm 11 ppd
There where actually just a matter of time before Lidköpings own crustpunk act M:40 ended up on Halvfabrikat! Excellent crust with intelligent and wellwritten lyrics. On this split 7" b side you will find grace.will.fall from Jönköping. Great harcore punk. No one could have missed out on their smashing hit "Last kiss goodbye" on the split 7" with Counterblast! To promote this release even further, the bands will go on a tour together, scheduled for august. Releaseparty will be held in both Lidköping and Jönköping.

Bastard Son Of Your Mom S/T Rm 11 ppd

Septicimie/Mesrine Rm 11 ppd

ECFC/Network Of Terror Rm 11 ppd
Manic split from these 2 powerviolence bands.

Wojtyla s/t Rm 11 ppd
This time i'll speak of some new shit that's going on in my playlist. I downloaded this full length only few days ago, and all I can say is that this band knows how to do it. Wojtyla from Poland play thrashy fast grindcore with female singer that reminds immortal-style black metal lament. They're part of this new wave of excellent Crust and Grindcore polish political bands that i like so much.

Counterblast/Grace will fall Rm 11 ppd
A red 7" split with Grace.will.fall, delivering hardcore/rock n roll, and Counterblast with their crust, ambience, death metal and sludge mix.

When My AUthorities Fall Rm 11 ppd
Political emotional hardcore from Latvia


Brito - experimental noise/post punk
Debut 12" by this new band from Groningen. Of course there's some fimiliair people in it with members from Los Asesinos de La Superficialidad and Marat. Nothing like these band though. This is way more noisy. Think of the Shotmaker rythm section with the guitars of the Van Pelt. Throw in some Unwound, Red Scare and Jesus Lizard and there's your cup of Brito.

Easpa Measa /Silence Split Lp (Acclaim)
This is a great new split LP between a pair of Europe's finest crust bands. EASPA MEASA is from Ireland and play a powerful brand of fast hardcore / crust with male / female vocals that can be likened to DISAFFECT or the thrashier side of NAUSEA. SILENCE are from Poland and they deliver another dose of their dark and emotive crust sounding much more fluid and thought out than their previous releases.

Distro List Update

Compact Disc

Minion CD "Exile of fear" [Pure Minds records] 
Feature some member of morser, Minion drive things to be more metal and technical. Melodic death metal is simply define them,
just think about swedish melodic and adding up with intensity of germany moshy metal. This is perfect. 10 tracks overall.
Rm 10

Nuissance drilled cd - sludge and heavy downtuned hardcore from
malaysia come with thick gatefold packaging and poster/lyrics.Amazing
artwork with 6 gloomy and sludgy tracks.
Rm 10

Obsesif Kompulsif/Elastic death
his album describe two groups of young peoples from different parts of
the world, highly spirits to playing musical insanity. Elastic Death
comes from Brazil play American Latino Thrashcore and Obsesif
Kompulsif from Indonesia play thrash/grind. these materials from both
is very fast and wilds.
Rm 10

Aural Mayhem 4 way split cd
Drone + Noise+ambient 4 way Split-CD featuring NEUROTIC EUPHORIA
(Malaysia), SERIGALA JAHANAM (Indonesia), NAPALMED (Czech Republic) &
JERK KEROUAC (Malaysia) .Amazingly recommended.
Rm 10

Project Hopeless discography cd
PH is a fast raw political crusty hardcore from Sweden.They have been compared to Skitsystem and Mob 47 but more darker.This discography cd will contain all the released material by them from 2001-2004 the Kalla jävla samhälle LP, song from the Antifa comp, split 7" w Offensive, the Utsatt 7"and the s/t 7", this will be 40 songs of raw hopeless hardcore
Rm 10

Dead By Six / Dead Symphony split CD
A collaborative effort by two DIY death metal bands from Southeast Asia, with each band having five or six new tracks, plus their respective demos attached at the end of the CD for an added bonus (24 brutal tracks in all). Musically this is super technical death metal (with tons of epic-sounding black metal influences) with gutturally screamed vocals.
Rm 10

Killer Calculateur "valley of the dead" Digipack cd
Hailing from downtown Kuala Lumpur, is a full throttle emotive hardcore blast with a hard-hitting yet groovy screamo post-punk sound. Inspired by angular post-punk bands such as My Disco, Off Minor and Fugazi, they have become a band that isn't dwarfed by its origin. It would be wrong to assume that they are merely Southeast Asian copycats of Fugazi, does possess its own flavor.

(Feat. Akta Angkasa, Devilica, Blood On Wedding Dress, Daighila, Foliage, Lord Sunny Day, Nazark and Infinite Delay.)Behold, third arm records comes forth with another new release, Happy Little Creatures Compilation. From sheer diaphanous madness to audible euphonic melancholy, this assembly of heartfelt synergy of 14 unreleased songs from 8 literally different bands will show you that harmony is subtle yet potent. These formidable acts from bands under third arm records and their accomplices chose a rather seemingly ubiquitous route in attempt to reinvent their approach to reach the mass, for the first time together, as an array of diverse voices yelling to avoid reverting so fully to their old ways that staleness ensues. Featuring Akta Angkasa, Devilica, Blood On Wedding Dress, Daighila, Foliage, Lord Sunny Day, Nazark and Infinite Delay, each band comes with a different offering for those who dare to endeavour. With a modest and unblemished artwork that speaks foritself strewn across the GATEFOLD and cd, this is one release that’s bound to be an eminent item to treasure.

Compact Discs (Import)

All cds Rm 20 unless been mentioned.

Vialka - plus vite que la musique*

the last album of avanguard folk-punk duo. the album consists song about russian village called Vialka (which is reason of the band name).special folded packaging

V/a - breaking the prisons (benefit for ABC Moscow)* gatefold cd

international complilation in support of moscow ABC, 26 compositions by Oi Polloi, Kakistocracy, MDC, I know, Riot on the Radio, Distress, Bernays Propaganda, Коматоз, Fight For Fun and others.

agathocles / crowd control – ruka pomoschi (split) (2009)* digipack cd

agathocles / crowd control – helping hand (split) (2009)*

Split of belgian and russian grindcore bands. benefit for russian Anarchist Black Cross.

emanon - behind the wallsof melody
emo-hardcore from Latvia in the vein of Circle Takes The Square. Rm 15

jaialai - rubberbody dance in neon lights

emo/post-rock from Latvia. Rm 15

changes – vspomni o chom dumal, vspomni o chom mechtal*
changes – remember what you thought, remember what you dreamed*

second album of popular russian band. modern old-school hardcore a-la Comeback Kid etc.

KOMATOZ  / demarche – split*

split of two raw-punk bands: Komatoz are from Russia and Demarche are from Czech.

Oсока - едкий дым (2009)

dark sludge-drone from Rostov-on-Don, Russia. Rm 18

DISARM / SOUND YOUR ALARM - "Realidade har Ingen Grenser" - Split CD
Finest Crust/D-Beat from brazil and norway. A great split!!!
Co-Released with Terrotten Records (the biggest Crust/D-beat label
from brazil)

MERDA / DFC - "O Ludo de Satã" - CD
Hardcore/Punk X Thrashcore inferno!!!! 2 Heroes from Brazil, 2 of
biggest bands from our scene. Co-Released with Laja Records and many

Post-punk? Gothabilly? Garage Psychobilly? Satan’s favorite Punk-Polka trio is back with another effort and the first one through Cauterized Productions and Terrötten Records!!!! A dark and unmistakenly sound that draw influences from the Cramps, Misfits, Necromantix, Christian Death, Nick Cave in thirteen new songs that forms the almighty “Three Gun Mojo”. Recorded in 2010 at Caffeine Soundstudio in São Paulo by Marco Butcher (Uncle Butcher & His One Man Band) and Luís Tissot, the record already scored high on every magazine review it was featured. Besides all that you already got an impressive artwork done by the musicians itself. If you don’t mind about music styles, really like the Munsters, wish you had a coffin shaped HotRod and already have your seat reserved in Hell; this one is for you!

V/A - Compilation - Conspiração Coração ao Contrário - CD with: 
Velho / OS Estudantes / Homem Elefante / Renegades of Punk / Ornitorrincos
(Amazing compilation with 28 sogns of these incredilble brazilian Hardcore bands)

Iskra "Bureval" digipack cd - latest full length cd benefit to St Petersburg ABC
Bureval" is the long overdue sophomore full-length from Canadian "anarchist metal" outfit Iskra (released on cassette by the band's own Black Raven Records), whose full-length debut was released by Profane Existence way back in 2004. Unfortunately I haven't kept up with the EP's/splits that the band has released in the interim, but if their style on the self-titled LP was anarcho/crust punk gone scorching thrash with raw black metal accents, they're now focusing entirely on the latter, and have basically become a full-on black metal band that still carries the values associated with the crust punk genre. 

Ding DOng Dead - Germany Emo Violence unlike Orchid

We are on the doorstep of 2010 and also getting close to the amazing Cry Me A River festival (which I will finally and hopefully attend) and here is the first band announced to play at the fest. So what to expect from their tunes? Well, what can you expect from a band named after an Orchid song….ass-kicking! Rm 18

The Path To True Indiependence ( Beyond Description / Totsugeki Senya / Asbestos / Destruction ) - 4 way split cd of japanese crust 

Killer all Japanese comp from 2005. Four bands. Beyond Description (4 songs), Totsugeki Sensya (4 songs), Asbestos and Destruction, who both do a song a piece. By the bands, I suspect you guys know whats in store. Enjoy!

Jilted / Beyond Description - Japanese/Italy split cd  Rm 18

Beyond Description from Japan does some cool japanese-grindcore they are well known for
Jilted from Italy play 3 fast hardcore-punk-trash tracks.

Finisterre "bitter songs" - Amazing modern crust from germany

Two years after their great split LP with ALPINIST, here is the first own album by FINISTERRE from cologne / germany. “Bitter songs” is a record full of melancholic songs about the bitterness of life. Expect dark, but melodic Hardcore sorrounded by a heavy D-Beat drumming and fronted by a brutal female voice. FINISTERRE managed to create their own interpretation of modern crust by combining epic elements with sweet melodies and calm and contemplative parts turn into moments of anger and despair. The lyrics deal with current poltical issues like the EU-immigration policy and increase of surveillance in public and private spheres as well as they deal with more personal-politcal topics about heteronomy, sexism and death.Come with 20 pages booklet

The bride of Changes /Isaiah "split" CD arigato pack Rm 18
Two screamo bands from Russia and Belgium. TBOC opens it with 4 tracks of epic screamo not unlike HIRO, GANTZ, CELESTE, ENVY.ISAIAH offers 6 songs that are more violent yet very harmonious, all the tracks from their tour cdr, now properly released at last. Both bands' lyrics are dedicated to social problems and personal attitude. Packed in a cardboard arigato pack, with all the lyrics / translations included.

marschak - s/t

re-release of the first album of cult moscow band. french styled screamo.

Displease – Think digipack cd
The first album of new Ukrainian band DISPLEASE which they themselves hung guysto free download, but due to some previous experience when bands send me your links, I asked them and they are deleted after a certain time from the net, I took this album to put it in your 4shared folder:) What to say ... Fantastic release! Tim ago astheir first album and there are only less than one year, Displease know very well what they want and how to do so! Excellent production and an uncompromising dis-beatrun in 12 acts! I sincerely recommend it to everyone who likes this kind of sound,because the guys really fucking mater how good it is!

BOMBENALARM - Demo 2004 + Destination:Fucked Up! CD
Some South American label thought it´s about time to have this available again, this time digital and I can say it´s a very well done job. BOMBENALARM was one of the more innovative German punk / hardcore / crust bands of the new millenium and they had an unbelievebal urge for raging music and well thought lyrics. This CD includes their 2004 demo tape plus their very first 7" EP. All together 12 tracks that kick ass! Digipack with lyrics and artwork.

Nuclear Death Terror 2005-2008 Disco Digipack cd
Limited Special Digipack edition of NUCLEAR DEATH TERROR discography 2005-2008 CD. It was released exclusively for the band's 2008 Mexican tour and was limited to 500 copies only.This includes:- "Ceaseless Desolation 7 EP"- 3 Compilation Tracks- "S/T LP "- "2005 Demo"26 tracks total.

War All the Time Disco cd (digipack)

Available (in a very limited edition) in Asia only as support for the band's tour, EBM is now able to release the War All The Time discography CD to a wider audience. This time this killer release has gotten a deluxe treatment packaged in a beautiful Gatefold sleeve which makes it look like a minireplica LP. This work includes all tracks from the splits with Whole in the Head and The Horror alongside the Upcoming EP plus 3 Unreleased tracks. 17 tracks of non-stop Crustcore/D-beat madness from the UK. If you are into classic bands such as Doom and Wolfbrigade then this release will kick your ass .

Antimaster s/t (digipack)
ANTIMASTER is a dark and melodic d-beat crustcore band from Mexico, well produced, cool digipak! Dogma Destroyer Records

Al Thawra / Winters In Osaka split cd
This collaboration (factory) CD came from Chicago. A collaboration of two different parts (but not without taste) of the Chicagoan scene, on the one hand, AL-THAWRA Muslim Doom crust (in vain of Dystopia) and ambient / experimental / noise project, Winters in Osaka. One epic track of more than 30 minutes. Growing dark ambience joined by strong drums and heavy guitar. Extreme distortion plus reiterative/repetitive slow riffs contribute to psychedelics. In the background, dark, ambient, choppy, panning parts and noise sounds “sacrifices” at points.

Ricochet s/t digipack cd
Ricochet is a five piece band based in Moscow Russia. They’ve been around since late 2005 touring and experimenting with their music balancing on the edge of punk rock, progressive rock and power boogie. Bringing out melodic and energetic, experimental and yet danceable tunes.

life giving waters - almost there digipack cd

new and last album of very great finnish band, mix of punk-rock in the vein of Leatherface, Husker Du and melodic hardcore a-la Endstand. digipack.

Hungry like rakovitz-holymosh

The band recorded and produced it themselves and the mastering was done by Scott Hull (Pig Destroyer, Agoraphobic Nosebleed) at Visceral Sound.The style the band plays can be described as weird and freaky grindcore with a lot of rough and noisy hardcore in it. The Italians make a hurried impression with their music if Brutal Truth is blended with Converge in their fastest moments. Halfway the album in ‘Panta Rei’ the tempo is going down and some mosh parts are shining through the rough and schizophrenic sound. The album ends in a Wolf Eyes inspired noise end (in “Rotten But Not Dead Yet”), it will annoy your ears definitely but it’s also a bit cheap to use.Hungry Like Rakovitz made a piece of fucked up insane terrorism. On the other hand they forgot to actually use remarkable riffs or come up with catchiness through the massacre. So they can’t even touch the brilliance bands like Converge or Brutal Truth have shown with their records.Props for the artwork on the cover and backside that visualizes an accusation against organized religion.